Walls Come Closing In
It's the way we view the world through blinkered eyes
Claustrophobic in the darkness, shuttered from the light
Always hoping for the best, never expecting the worst
Into ourselves we immerse

The crowds on the High Street
Reflect the solitary lives that we lead
View the world in the palm of their hand
Never seeing past the end of their feet
Enslaved to a 6" screen
Sharing information so comfortably
With no uncertainty
But confusion starts within
As the walls come closing in

The satellites orbiting round and round
Beaming information back to the ground
As we whisper breathlessly beneath the constant gaze of the enemy
Stationed on every corner, the silent sentry
Behavioural profiling for database entry
Through miles and miles of network cables to central control
and the banks of black and white screens
They're watching you, watching them, watching me
As we blink into the light
Fists clenched ready to fight
and start to raise the questions they say
"It's for your own protection
and if you've done nothing wrong you'll have nothing to hide!"

So the radar towers and listening stations
Guarded by men with guns and uniforms
Are no longer needed, they've been succeeded
By the black box informer in your living room
and forward facing/backward thinking windscreen mounted cameras
To protect ourselves and to police each other

Great Divide
The tap-wire telegraph buzzes into life
The bloodied hands twisting the knife
Disguising the story between the lines
Sensationalised through jaundiced eyes

We don't see the plotting between truth and lies
and propaganda buried beneath black and white
On through the night these rumour mills churn
On and on.....

They control the balance of power, yet they talk of peace
But it's all just hollow words from my TV screen
It means nothing in these streets

So for salvation we look to the skies
The thunder above us as brave heroes fly
On the orders of the protected few
(The short sighted view)

So we distract ourselves and try to get back to our lives
But the paranoia spreads, deeper and deeper they've pushed this wedge
Where once you would be my brother, now we're strangers to one another
But we have nowhere left to hide on either side of the great divide

This is not our fight
No this is not our fight
This is not our fight
But you won't read that in black and white
Lyrics for Walls Come Closing In and Great Divide by Mark Ayling
Copyright Mark Ayling 2018
It's for my own protection but I've done nothing wrong
and I've got nowhere left to hide