Tour Diary
Scotland Continued.....

The second part of the tour was due to start in Plymouth on Friday night, the idea
being that we could take an easy drive down on the Thursday and park up
somewhere for the night about half way, then have a nice relaxing Friday getting
to the gig.  This was not to be…….

I had messaged the Drouthy Cobbler in Elgin the previous week, letting them
know I was always looking for gigs in the area and to let me know if they had
anything available, expecting them to either ignore me (which is the most
common thing), to listen to my tunes and decide it’s not suited to the venue, or to
get back with a gig later in the year or even early next year.  So, I was shocked
when I got a reply the very same day asking if I would be available to support
Tony Wright of Terrorvision in 6 days’ time.  I read the email a couple of times and
typed out a reply thanking them for the kind offer but, unfortunately, I was off on
tour and playing Plymouth the next day.  I then thought ‘why not?’ and
deleted the message and typed another saying 'yes please, I’d love to!'  The only
thing now was that we’d have to drive from Elgin to Plymouth in one hit and,
though possible, it wasn’t quite the relaxing journey I was looking forward to (also,
bear in mind we’d be travelling on a Friday and the traffic would be dreadful).  It’s
about 650 miles so I figured we should leave straight after the gig and get as far
south as possible before sleeping, and driving the rest the next day.

We were greeted warmly at the venue by Kati, who offered us tea or coffee
before showing me up to the room where we’d be playing.  Tony and Millie were
already soundchecking so we sat and listened to them.  With introductions out of
the way, it was then my turn to soundcheck so I played through Miles Away,
which made Tony look at me then turn to Millie and say something.  Once I
finished, I went over for a chat and he immediately started talking about New
Model Army so I assume he heard something of them in what I was playing.  We
spoke about NMA, Bradford and Terrorvision and got told a hilarious story of
when Terrorvision supported NMA in Glasgow and all the ‘Army fans sat down
during Terrorvision's set because, as Tony said “We were actually FROM
Bradford” (a dig at the band as Justin Sullivan is from a posh village in
Buckinghamshire, Rob Heaton from Cheshire, I think the only member of the
band over the years from Bradford was original bassist Stuart Morrow).   All light-
hearted fun though and Terrorvision got the whole crowd on their feet by the end
of their set.

I was onstage at 8pm and the whole show was due to end by about 10pm which
suited me as I wanted to get on the road at a decent time but not have to leave
during the headline act.  My set went down well with most of the crowd though, I
have to admit, nerves did get to me a bit (and the sweat was pouring off me).  
There was a table of ‘yappers’ in front of me and to the left, which was a bit off-
putting as all I could hear was them.  It wasn’t just me getting irritated with them
as a couple of people came up to me afterwards and said that most of the room
were fed up with them.  I got some compliments for ‘Faded Glamour’ with one
person asking where the seaside town actually was, and that it reminded her of
Morecambe.  She also said she was almost moved to tears by it.  Another guy
said that he lost his dad a year or so back and he could relate to ‘Four Winds’.  
Tony and Millie played a great set, and Tony was witty, charming and engaging
throughout, everything I’m not.  I was never really a Terrorvision fan (having only
heard a couple of songs) but did enjoy both their songs in the set and Tony’s
solo tunes.

Once the night was over, it was time  to find something to eat and head south.  
Kati had said that they would gladly pay me some fuel money but I was slightly
taken aback when I asked for it as I was leaving, only to be told to submit a
receipt and the money would be paid straight into my bank account.  This is a new
one on me; bands rely on cash for fuel/food on the road and can’t always wait
until the tour is over to collect money owed.
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