Song Trivia
A song based on my opinions about tribute acts and the music
world in general.  The second verse is written about a particular
Meat Loaf tribute act.  I drove his tour bus (yes, a proper huge
Rock & Roll bus emblazened with his name down both sides) back in
2000.  He was good at what he does (he still is, I'm sure you
know who it is by now) but his ego was probably bigger than
Meatloaf('s).  He was the star.  "See yourself as someone else".
The first gig I drove him to?  Butlin's in Skegness!
The song title came to me years ago, before I even started
writing my own songs when, everytime I drove up the A90, I'd see
the sign to Logie Buchan.  Quite fitting that the song was
written about a few of the nasty people I had the misfortune to
work with when I first moved to Scotland and, in the line "the
bitter looks from behind friendly eyes, not least to one
another", tells of their two-faced nature, even amongst
Song Writing
People are often obsessed about how songs are written, including
myself. I grew up imagining how song ideas and words were written
by my favourite bands.  Listeners probably attach more importance
to this than the musicians though. A lot of my lyrics are written
from one incident, and embellished from there.  Or from a riff.  
Or a song title.  I don't remember writing a lot of my songs, but
remember the feeling I had that prompted me to write them.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few insights into some of them......
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