More Song Trivia
Written about London.  As a kid growing up in the south, London
was only 60 miles away and getting the train was easy.  Then,
when I was old enough to drive, I used to go nearly every weekend
just to drive about and take it all in.  Listening to The Jam
when growing up probably had an influence too, and there is a
vague reference to them in the lyrics, as well as The Clash
(albeit a bit more obvious).  It could also be an updated version
of 'Streets Of London' by Ralph McTell.
Not a love song as some people think.  It was partly written
about the futility of trying to 'make it' in a band and the
stupidity of some band members trying to force everyone into a
preconceived image.

It's also about a couple of bands/musicians from the early 90s
that I had the pleasure of playing drums with.  
Unfortunately, as seems to happen to a lot of talented people,
life takes over and they give up/are forced to stop.  A real
shame.  One of the above mentioned have recently got back
together again, which is great, and I wish them all the luck as
they deserve to be heard.  The other I lost contact with years
ago but, oddly enough, it was because of him that I was inspired
to start playing solo in the first place after listening to one
of his old demo tapes which I discovered in a drawer a few years
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