First Gig…..

So, that’s my first gig out of the way, it was great to play with Proud City Fathers.  It seemed to go well and the crowd were very kind and supportive, but I guess the video will give a more honest account when I see it.

It was fitting to play my debut gig alongside PCF.  They were THE band that came along when I was 22, a young drummer on the track to fame and fortune (that so many of us seem to get derailed from).  I remember receiving a copy of their single, ‘Looking To The Left’, through the door and being blown away by it.  It was so much better and professional than anything else anyone had sent when replying to one of my (many) NME/Melody Maker ads.  Unfortunately, I only played with them for just over a month, as I could see they were tired of it all, the many line-up changes and let downs.  I was gutted to leave, but knew I had to.

Well, that was over 15 years ago, and they’re back with their original vocalist, and out there having fun with it.  Hopefully, they’ll invite me down for another gig at some point, although they REALLY need to get ‘Looking…’ back in their set ;-)

Onwards & upwards, as they say………….

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