Raise Your Banners, Bradford

What a weekend that was!!  Bloody fantastic!!  The gig was great, all the other artists were really friendly, I met some lovely people and it was well worth the 14 hour round-trip in the howling gales & pouring rain.  I’d do it all again now given the oppurtunity.  No question.

I was very nervous to start with, but was immediately made to feel at ease by all those present.   I arrived early for the soundcheck and am glad I did as it was good to get on the stage and have a warm up so I’d know what to expect when the time came.   Also, I always find it good to watch other musicians (in this case, real pro’s that know their stuff) to see how they do it.

When show time did eventually come, my song (Ballad Of Logie Buchan) went well, I didn’t clunk any chords or mess up the words, but did probably sound a bit tense when singing.  Still, as I was probably the least experienced out of everyone, I’m just happy that I got up there and got through it.  I got some really positive comments afterwards about my song too, which was a bonus.

The rest of the gig was really enjoyable, Robb Johnson was entertaining, Justin Sullivan played an interesting mix of songs, some I hadn’t heard him play live before, and it was nice to watch the other guests perform their songs.  The guest songs were in three categories: Past, Present & Future, and luckily mine was in the present which was the first slot, so I was on early on in the concert and could then relax and enjoy the show.

I certainly won’t forget my 39th birthday in a hurry!



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