The Choice…..

It seems that people have a choice these days, with regard to which band they go and see playing live.  I’m not talking about choosing between your favourite band that you’ve seen a million times, or that other band that you love also but have just got back together for a one-off tour.  No, that would be OK.

NO, I’m talking about having the choice between going to see an original band (one you’ve heard of) or a tribute band.  Now, some people immediately choose the original band.  As I would.  As you should.

Others mull over the choice, as they love the original band, let’s call them band A, but are good mates with the tribute act (band B).  Now, ok, these days people are a bit touchy if you don’t show them loyalty all the time so one has to be ‘careful’, but you should still make the right decision and go see band A.

Then we have the third group of people, the people that will go and see band B without question as they ‘love a bit of this and that’  So they go, and there’s nothing you can say to change their minds.  Leave them to it.

BUT, there is another group that fit somewhere between the last two groups.  These are the people that love band A, really want to go and see them, but still choose to go and see band B.  Not out of loyalty or anything, just ‘cos they love hearing those old songs being played.

Why do we (as a nation) rely so much on nostalgia?  We are a country full of revivalists, dredging up the past and wearing it as a badge.  A badge that seems to give some people a real sense of self importance.  Others give it to them.  They give these tribute acts respect, glory, massage their egos.  It’s baffling.  Promoters and clubs often give these bands preference for gigs & support slots, thus squeezing out one more original act from taking the stage.

If it wasn’t for band A and others like them, in many cases band B would have nothing to play.  Just remember that, eh?

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