The Fear….

There is a fear that grips me when someone else posts up a video of me somewhere on the internet. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s a deep-rooted insecurity? Maybe I’m paranoid about sounding shit? Maybe it’s just vanity?

Hard to say, but it happened tonight. I logged on to Facebook and there it was. It took a moment to register, then I occupied myself with what everyone else was doing. Then I headed back to Yahoo to check my emails once more (even though I’d only checked them a few minutes beforehand). Then I had to face my fear and watch said video.

And you know what? It’s actually pretty good ;-)

Here it is, thanks to Duncan for filming and taking the time to upload it.

Tragically Shit from Pivo Pivo, Glasgow 15th January 2012

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  1. says:

    Nice one mate!

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