I’m not sure what defines punk anymore.

Not that I’ve really considered it, but just lately I’ve seen so many different bands labelled punk that are clearly not/never have/never will be punk. It’s become a generic term to describe a band. There are probably people that say my music is not punk, but I think it at least carries the punk spirit.

Surely defining it to fit in with an ideal is, ultimately, not punk?

I read a quote the other day that said “punk is what you make it”.  What does that mean?  Some hippy living by the sea and playing folk songs around the campfire is by definition punk as he’s living life his way against ‘normal’ society and authority?  Or a band plays aggressive, fast music and sings about cocks & tits (yes, this band did exist until recently)?  Musically they could be defined as punky, but surely there’s more to it than that? Or what about right wing OI! bands?  Again, musically they fit; they’re angry and political, but surely the idea of punk is one of unity, us against them and not us against us?  Or maybe this could come under the heading “freedom of speech is fine so long as I agree with what is being said?”

I’m fully aware that acoustic punk could also be in the above list.  BUT, I have never considered punk to be about distorted guitars, fashion, sticking two fingers up every time a camera is nearby, or hair cuts.

It’s about attitude, having something to say, and not being afraid to say it.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s so much more than that?

What does it mean to you??



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2 Responses to Punk?

  1. the.hanged.man says:

    I take a hard line on this. Angry vocals + political lyrics + raucous music = punk. Doesn’t matter if the music is acoustic or electric but all 3 elements have to be there for it to be punk (in my opinion).
    Know what you mean though – way too many people take on the punk mantle with no evidence of it anywhere in their music. Death to impostors!

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