Fat Bloke, Thin Book by Arturo Bassick

(Or My Life Of Total Glamour & Untold Riches In The Entertainment Industry)

Fat Bloke, Thin Book by Arturo Bassick

Buy this book now.

It’s short, it’s funny, it’s entertaining, it’s a great insight into the punk scene of the late 70’s, it’s no bullsh*t, and it’s published by Arturo himself in true DIY spirit.

Oh yeah, and I couldn’t agree more with the section about tribute bands…..

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2 Responses to Fat Bloke, Thin Book by Arturo Bassick

  1. Great book. Bought it yesterday from Arturo, who signed it for me as well. He is a very nice bloke.
    We (Bizex-B) were honoured to play the same venue yesterday.
    All the best from Gävle, Sweden.
    Zluggo Pop/Larz Gustafsson

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