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Recently, as everyone knows, some posh-daughter-of-a-millionaire got 2 years in prison for driving some hoods round during the London riots so they could loot shops.

Also, as everyone knows, a couple of chavs got 4 years each for trying to incite a riot in a field or village somewhere via Facebook.

So, please explain this………………..

Mother smiles as she walks free from court after being spared jail for killing thirsty son, 2, who mistook her toxic cannabis plant food for fruit juice – as she slept

  • Aaron Booth died 11 days after drinking the toxic liquid
  • Judge says he died a ‘prolonged and frankly horrible’ death
  • The dehydrated child hadn’t had a drink since the previous day
  • He suffered agonising internal burns and a collapsed lung
  • His 23-year-old mother slept with her boyfriend until lunchtime
  • Jury hears she had turned his room into a cannabis factory to ‘make money


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