What Would Joe Strummer Do?

I got an email earlier about Strummercamp, with the title “What would Joe do?

Reading further, I discovered that there are more and more people wearing T shirts printed with the same question…..


I remember reading a story about Joe Strummer being approached by some school kids backstage at a Clash gig (in the bogs, I think) and they asked him how they could ‘be more punk’.  They were all wearing punk badges and ripped shirts etc and Joe basically told them that he’s not going to tell them how to live if they can’t work it out for themselves, they had no place trying to be more punk (or words to that effect).

That about sums it up really.

I’m sure of this though; Joe Strummer would NOT be fan of all the Clash tribute bands around at the moment and, though possibly flattered, I’m sure he’d much rather listen to something new than a rehash of the same old nostalgia trip (his band or otherwise).

And if he were to go to a gig, I’m also sure he’d listen to the lyrics coming from the stage and NOT be sat with his back to the band, talking loudly through their set whilst drinking as much beer as is humanly possible.

Punk eh?



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