Happy New Year

Looking back at 2012, I’m grateful to have been invited to play some really enjoyable gigs.  I’ve loved them all but personal highlights are (in no particular order);

-Playing support to 999 at Drummonds which was good fun.

-Playing off the beaten track in Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Hebden Bridge which opened my eyes to the fact that playing ‘cool’ city venues often doesn’t mean they are the best for gigs or crowds.

-Playing at Milo in Leeds was when I finally got back on the proverbial ‘orse after having throat problems for the best part of 4 months which shattered my confidence and made me more nervous than I should have been.

-Getting a slot alongside Paul Carter and Joe Solo as part of the Hebden Bridge Punx Picnic was amazing (as was watching The Mob the night before at the Trades Club) and I have really fond memories of the few days spent in Yorkshire with friends, old and new.

-Being asked to play at the Aberdeen Trades Council Social Club back in April for the Hope Not Hate gig.  The club closed down not long after and will be sadly missed.

-I have good memories of playing at The Bay in Glasgow, another free venue with a good atmosphere that has also sadly closed down.  Maybe I’m the kiss of death?

-Putting my first gig on in Aberdeen at Cellar 35 with Billy Liar and Brian Curran.  Great guys, great musicians, expect to see similar gigs in the new year.

-Last but not least, getting to tour Europe with Brian Curran.  My first gigs in Europe as an acoustic singer/songwriter were fantastic, playing Belgium, Holland and Germany.  I enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait to get back.

Anyway, new year is about looking forward and not dwelling on the past so in the next few months I’ll be playing my first Edinburgh gig (with Brian Curran & Breagha Cuinn), playing alongside Billy Liar in Aberdeen, heading off the beaten track to Banff where I’m chuffed to have been asked to play at the first concert held by the Kelpie Cafe at Banff Castle.  For the first week of March I am currently booking a short UK tour with Leeds, Manchester, Bradford and Stoke currently confirmed. London and Chichester will hopefully be confirmed soon and I’m still looking at a few other places to play.

Beyond that?  Hopefully Brian & I will be heading off to Europe before the summer and I really must get my second album finished.  It’s been written for years, the guitar parts are all recorded, I just need to get off my **** and get it finished!!!!

Thanks for all your support, and special thanks goes to Morag for making most of this possible.

Happy new year



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2 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. gavin swonnell says:

    Great post Mark, I enjoyed reading a flash report of your year! Wishing you all the best and every success for 2013, Im sure you will do well! All the best, Gavin

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