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Do It Yourself…..

Watching an episode of The Good Life last night, I realised how much we’ve lost as people in the way of skills and survival instinct. Everything is put in front of us at the supermarket. It’s all too easy. Continue reading

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Fat Bloke, Thin Book by Arturo Bassick

(Or My Life Of Total Glamour & Untold Riches In The Entertainment Industry) Buy this book now. It’s short, it’s funny, it’s entertaining, it’s a great insight into the punk scene of the late 70’s, it’s no bullsh*t, and it’s … Continue reading

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A Nice Big Warm Furry Hat…..

So, it would seem that at least ONE person is reading this blog. It would also seem that they are taking some of the things I say VERY personally. I’ve had a couple of the posts regurgitated back to me, … Continue reading

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I’m not sure what defines punk anymore. Not that I’ve really considered it, but just lately I’ve seen so many different bands labelled punk that are clearly not/never have/never will be punk. It’s become a generic term to describe a … Continue reading

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The Fear….

There is a fear that grips me when someone else posts up a video of me somewhere on the internet. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s a deep-rooted insecurity? Maybe I’m paranoid about sounding shit? Maybe it’s just vanity? Hard … Continue reading

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The Choice…..

It seems that people have a choice these days, with regard to which band they go and see playing live.  I’m not talking about choosing between your favourite band that you’ve seen a million times, or that other band that … Continue reading

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Maximum Rock & Roll Interview

Here is a copy of the never-to-be-seen MRR interview as, apparently, MRR is a punk magazine so therefore isn’t interested in acoustic music (punk or otherwise). Thanks to Rags for taking the time to ask the questions. Firstly, for those … Continue reading

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Raise Your Banners, Bradford

What a weekend that was!!  Bloody fantastic!!  The gig was great, all the other artists were really friendly, I met some lovely people and it was well worth the 14 hour round-trip in the howling gales & pouring rain.  I’d do it all … Continue reading

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First Gig…..

So, that’s my first gig out of the way, it was great to play with Proud City Fathers.  It seemed to go well and the crowd were very kind and supportive, but I guess the video will give a more … Continue reading

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There have now been 2000 hits to my home page and only 1987 of those were mine

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