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Out Of Step, Out Of Time

  My new 12 track album will be available on 28th October.  It’s been a long time coming and, though the songs were written ages ago (around the time of my first album), it has taken so long to get … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself…..

Watching an episode of The Good Life last night, I realised how much we’ve lost as people in the way of skills and survival instinct. Everything is put in front of us at the supermarket. It’s all too easy. Continue reading

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You Need A Little Jump Of Electrical Shockers…

I then played the guitar without anything plugged in and it STILL gave me shocks. It then dawned on me that the problem was with me rather than any equipment. I Googled “electric shocks in fingers” and other terms, and most pointed to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Fuck me, I haven’t even gigged yet and I’m stopped in my tracks. Continue reading

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