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Do It Yourself…..

Watching an episode of The Good Life last night, I realised how much we’ve lost as people in the way of skills and survival instinct. Everything is put in front of us at the supermarket. It’s all too easy. Continue reading

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A Nice Big Warm Furry Hat…..

So, it would seem that at least ONE person is reading this blog. It would also seem that they are taking some of the things I say VERY personally. I’ve had a couple of the posts regurgitated back to me, … Continue reading

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I’m not sure what defines punk anymore. Not that I’ve really considered it, but just lately I’ve seen so many different bands labelled punk that are clearly not/never have/never will be punk. It’s become a generic term to describe a … Continue reading

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There have now been 2000 hits to my home page and only 1987 of those were mine

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I Want Answers (But You Don’t Have To Agree…)

It’s a strange state of affairs, disagreeing with others’ opinions and defending our own is surely what makes each one of us an individual in our own right? When did people become such bigots?
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