I Want Answers (But You Don’t Have To Agree…)

I find it hilarious (not to mention pathetic) that it’s become a cardinal sin to disagree with some people on social networks like Facebook.  I don’t mean being awkward or irksome for the sake of it, but genuinely voicing an opinion of your own.

Here’s how it works:-

Friend 1 – Asks a question

Friend 2 – Writes answer, but disagrees with Friend 1

Friend 1 – Has 3 options:

1. Ignore 2. Delete post from view 3. Disagree

Very often option 1 is utilised until late at night when they think no one is looking and bring option 2 into play.  Sometimes, option 2 is used with immediate effect, especially if 2 or more friends disagree.  But very rarely is option 3 considered.  Why is that?

I suppose my real question is this – Why ask a question when you can’t handle a truthful answer?

More likely is that the person asking the question doesn’t actually want an answer, just to make a statement in the form of a question.

It’s a strange state of affairs, disagreeing with others’ opinions and defending our own is surely what makes each one of us an individual in our own right?  When did people become such bigots?

And yes, if I put my music out there for people to listen to/judge/enjoy/whatever then I expect people to be honest about it rather than pretend they like it or lie about it.   I like it, and that’s all that REALLY matters ;-)



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4 Responses to I Want Answers (But You Don’t Have To Agree…)

  1. tinkerbell says:

    I’d love to disagree with you for the purposes of this post but I can’t!

    I’m always amazed by how personally some people take it if you leave a dissenting comment or don’t toe the party line. Some people seem to write things just so they can have their egos massaged by the endorsement of others.

    People who post how ‘hard done by’ they are (looking to garner sympathy) grate on my nerves too but that’s another subject.

  2. Jewelz says:

    Depends how you word your post.

    There are people you disagree with because you dislike them and opinions you disagree with.

    Sometimes we let things slide because we like someone even though we privately disagree with them. Conversely we attack people we don’t like cause we disagree with them.

    People know this and are often confused about our agenda for disagreeing and thus get upset

  3. tinkerbell says:

    Anyone who looks into your agenda for disagreeing and gets upset over a difference of opinion is either needy or psychotic or both :-D

  4. Mark Ayling says:

    Yes, most probably both!! Also, with regards to the endorsement of others, these people happily sit back and watch 100 people agree with them and suck up to them but the minute one person disagrees, then there’s hell to pay (and often a lot of the ‘supporters’ wade in too thus massaging the ego further). The sad part is that I’ve noticed people (musicians etc) doing this that I respect and really would expect better of.

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