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The Fear….

There is a fear that grips me when someone else posts up a video of me somewhere on the internet. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s a deep-rooted insecurity? Maybe I’m paranoid about sounding shit? Maybe it’s just vanity? Hard … Continue reading

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First Gig…..

So, that’s my first gig out of the way, it was great to play with Proud City Fathers.  It seemed to go well and the crowd were very kind and supportive, but I guess the video will give a more … Continue reading

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I Want Answers (But You Don’t Have To Agree…)

It’s a strange state of affairs, disagreeing with others’ opinions and defending our own is surely what makes each one of us an individual in our own right? When did people become such bigots?
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You Need A Little Jump Of Electrical Shockers…

I then played the guitar without anything plugged in and it STILL gave me shocks. It then dawned on me that the problem was with me rather than any equipment. I Googled “electric shocks in fingers” and other terms, and most pointed to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Fuck me, I haven’t even gigged yet and I’m stopped in my tracks. Continue reading

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